PATRICK LONGSTRETH | Visual Effects Supervisor


Hi. I’m currently the Visual Effects Supervisor for Adam Ruins Everything on truTV. I live in Los Angeles with my wife and two dogs. I enjoy art, history, film, virtual reality, frisbee, golf, frisbee golf and most humans. Hellyfish is a short horror-comedy I wrote and directed about mutant killer jellyfish. It was accepted to the Raindance film festival and won several awards.

My career began as an editor on corporate videos in St. Louis, MO in 2002. A few years later I moved to Washington, DC to work on political commercials for both sides of the aisle, at times attacking my own attack ads. Meet the Press hired me as a motion graphics artist, and I had a wonderful time working for the longest running show on television in the exciting age of Tim Russert and the 2008 election. In 2009 I went back to school in Savannah, GA to pursue a masters degree in Visual Effects. Since 2011, I've been working as a visual effects artist.